Processor/platform IP customization. According to customer requirements.

  • Pipeline optimization for required technology node
  • Improving performance on customer workloads with custom instructions, including compiler support
  • Custom accelerators design or customer accelerators tightly integration with processor cores
  • Tightly coupled memories or caches in different combinations and set of options
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Any extensions. Any combinations.

Support of different combinations of standard RISC-V ISA extensions

  • 32/64-bit RISC-V with 32 interger registers (I extension)
  • Integer multiplication and division (M extension)
  • Atomic operation support (A extension)
  • Compressed mode for better code density (C extension)
  • IEEE 754-2008 compliant single and double precision floating point (F, D extensions)
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System-on-chip integration. AHB, AXI, ACE buses.

Support of the products integration within customer system-on-chip. Provide standard system-on-chip bus interfaces including coherency protocols support.

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